Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Winter Squirrel Photographs

A few of the new photos I captured of the squirrels.

The squirrels have been a bit scarce lately, I think this is more to do with the fact it has been very cold and snow on the ground than to do with the foxes. This last weekend I saw quite a few squirrels that came to see me which was quite pleasing. They're a little bit more wary because of the foxes but seemed to have got used to their presence and often come to get nuts off me even if Foxy is quite close to me. I guess the squirrels know they quite safe next to me and Foxy won't come to close as he's more wary of me that the squirrels are. There's no greater feeling that photographing Foxy approx ten feet in front of you and  feel a little squirrel tugging at my trouser leg after some nuts.

Nature and it's critters are such a wondrous thing, sometime I feel us humans are too wrapped up in our own little busy world to stop, stand  and notice.

Recent squirrel photos

Recent squirrel photos

Squirrel looking down from a tree

Squirrel hanging from a tree

Two Squirrels in a snow covered tree

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