Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Sneaky Jays.

The Sneaky Jays.

Jays are a sneaky lot and I've struggled to photograph them well as they wait for your back to be turned and swoop in at warp speed like a stealth plane. When I'm feeding the squirrels I'm often surrounded by birds sitting close by in the trees awaiting a chance to come in and get some nuts, usually you see loads of Magpies and Crows, but I know the Jays are there watching. Once you back off a little distance you see the Magpies and Crows start to move to get the nuts and out of nowhere several Jays will swoop in and steal the prize right under their noses. They're extremely good at this tactic. They'll even beat a squirrel to the draw, and the squirrels get the right hump with the little thieves but their swiping claws  always miss the Jays.

What a fabulous  bird the Jay is for sure!

Jay eyeing up the fox collecting nuts
Jay watching Foxy collect nuts off the ground.

Jay eating a peanut
Jay picking up a peanut.

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