Monday, 28 January 2013

I gain Foxy's trust

A few of the new photos I captured of Foxy.
It's taken me since last year to gain Foxy's trust enough to get close so I can get half decent photos. Foxy gets spooked really easy when people are around, which is a good thing but makes my job of trying to photograph him harder. I've gained his trust and Foxy will just appear near me.

I no longer  go looking for Foxy, I soon learn that's the fastest way to spook him and make him run off and disappear into the undergrowth.  I usually just start feeding the squirrels and birds, and carry on with my other two projects and soon enough Foxy will appear close behind me. He's acquired quite a taste for the monkey nuts and seems to love collecting them.

Foxy smiling at me
Foxy's looking back and smiling at me.

Foxy posing for a nice portrait
Foxy posing for a portrait

Foxy coming to see me
Foxy enjoying collecting nuts

Last weekend I was really privileged as Foxy not only accepted me and started to trust me more, allowing me to get quite close, but I still keeped a respectful distance to him, he also brought his mum/dad in to see me after he'd spent nearly four hours with me. The other fox is very big and quite beautiful, a classic red fox look. It kind of makes me think Foxy is still quite young. I managed to grab a couple of snaps of both of them as the light was fading. Foxy is the one lying down on the ground. Unfortunately the light faded and it was time to go. Hopefully I'll be able to get some better photos of the adult fox in the near future.

Two Foxes!
Foxy is the one lying on the floor

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