Monday, 9 April 2012

Considering how bad the weather was

Considering how bad the Bank Holiday Weekends weather was, I was surprised by the number of good photographs I ended up capturing, I was quite please I ended up with 260 mixed bag of good shots (excluding duplicates of same capture), 130 of which were squirrel shots for my project.

Yesterday in the drizzly rain I got some fab White Squirrels captures [CLICK HERE to view some of the captures], which just goes to show you it's worth going out even when the weather sucks and you think it's going to be hopeless.

The capture below is one taken yesterday on way back to car after I'd finished shooting the squirrels. I saw some pine cones on the ground and just went for a quick capture with lens I had been shooting the squirrels with. The images is straight off camera, no effects, just pure E-P3 camera bokeh using the Olympus 45mm prime lens set at F1.8. It's not a macro lens either!

Who needs a Lensbay! lol

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My arty capture for Easter - Happy Easter!
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